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 Event Security


The range of events we can provide security for:


Weddings, Corporate Concerts, Festivals

Sporting Festivals, Charity Events

Static Security,

Crowd management services

Dealing with emergencies

Liaising with police


CCTV And Alarm systems


We can offer you a full range of c.c.t.v packages and intruder alarms


 Retail Security


Providing that visual deterrence with your store needs , we will supply you with professional store security guard that are capable of handling and diffusing any conflict and if needed detaining any criminals until the police arrive.


 Lock and Unlock services


Lock/Unlock service at scheduled times, during the visit all areas will be checked. Any persons found would be escorted off the premises. Any vandalism, or vehicles would be logged and reported.


Vacant Property Services


We can offer any type of security needs that would suit you and your property needs

GSD Watch Security Ltd | security@gsdwatch.co.uk