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Static Security Officers

We can offer you a Static Security Officer for any periods of time to suit your requirements. Our Static Security Officers will be responsible for carrying out regular patrols to ensure that your premises are safe and secure at all times. All Incidents and any Health and Safety Issues will be reported to us immediately followed by the completion of various reports which will be logged at our office and also with yourselves. Our Officer will be in total communication with our office throughout his/her shift pattern and if required, our Mobile Response Unit will be available as an emergency back up for any emergencies. When you leave your premises for any period of time, are they secure? Our Officer will also be checking your premises for any doors or windows that may have been left open or unlocked. We will then contact your keyholder and notify them of any relevant problems and if necessary, we will contact the emergency services to notify them of any vandalism or forced entry, our Officer will also ensure that your premises are totally secure before leaving your site.


Mobile Response Unit


We can offer you a Mobile Response Unit. The Mobile Response Unit will be responsible for all emergency call outs which can happen outside of the normal contracted hours. They will attend to the emergency immediately, report any findings to our office and to yourselves, notify the emergency services, if required, and ensure that all of your premises are safe and secure before leaving. The Mobile Response Unit will also be available to visit our Static Security Officer during the shift to ensure that the Officer is safe and well and assist with any problems and provide the Officer with emergency backup if and when required. Our Mobile Response Units can also provide you with Mobile Patrol visits, if you feel that a Static Security Officer is not suited to your premises or Security needs, these Mobile Patrol visits can also be arranged to suit your requirements. These visits will also involve the carrying out of regular patrols around your premises, making sure that your premises are safe and secure at all times and reporting any relevant problems to your keyholder and our office and notifying the emergency services, if required.


Dog Patrols with German Shepherd Dogs 

We can offer you the flexibility of using our Dog Patrols with German Shepherd Dogs. This Service can be used at any time at no extra cost to yourselves. This Service will be used as and when required, especially if you are encountering large amounts of Crime and Vandalism at the beginning of the Contract with ourselves. This Service will also be used on a regular basis as a deterrent as it has already been proven to be very effective and successful on our previous sites. The German Shepherd Dogs have been trained to the highest Security standard and we only use qualified Dog Handlers for our Dog Patrols.


Key Holding Service

We can offer to any type of customer our Key Holding Service for a specified period. This Service will involve the safe keeping of your keys and the complete confidentiality of relevant alarm codes for your premises. We would be your first Keyholder for all Alarm Activation's. Our Mobile Response Unit will be responsible for attending your premises upon an Alarm Activation. They will attend, check your premises thoroughly and report any findings to the emergency services and to ourselves. If there appears to be a fault with your alarm system our Mobile unit will wait at your premises for an alarm engineer to attend and rectify the fault. Before leaving your premises we will ensure that your alarm is re-set and that all your premises are safe and secure. The advantages of using our Keyholding Service will benefit you as the customer by not having to be called out in the middle of the night for finding a door left unlocked, an Alarm Activation which may be caused by an alarm fault or having to wait around for an alarm engineer to attend. We would be your Keyholder, therefore giving you complete peace of mind knowing that your premises are being looked after professionally and also you will receive a good nights sleep knowing that your premises are safe and secure at all times.


Deterrent Signage


We can provide Deterrent Signage for your premises. This will involve the displaying of our Deterrent Signs in and around your premises for any periods of time and these will also act as a deterrent


24 Hour Call Out


We can also provide a 24 hour call out Service if you require any type of Security for your premises at very short notice or immediately. You can contact us on 01752 768899 or  07982 310658 for an immediate response.


Covert Operations


We can carry out Covert Operations if you are encountering any kind of theft or fraud within your premises. This arrangement will be discussed in total confidence with yourselves and can be arranged for any periods of time.


Fully Qualified Officers

This firm is highly professional and we only employ fully qualified Security Officers. Our Security Officers have many years experience within the Security Industry and carry out a professional Service at all times.

GSD Watch Security Ltd | security@gsdwatch.co.uk